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TESTING GROUNDS/ as part of the exhibition TESTING GROUNDS by Katrin Hornek 

Secession, Vienna; 2024

In a collaborative process, Karin Pauer is developing a performance for the immersive installation testing grounds by visual artist Katrin Hornek. Together with the performers Martina De Dominicis, Cat Jimenez, and Mani Obeya, a sensitive, urgent topic will be negotiated: Starting with a local soil sample that showed radioactivity, testing grounds follows the permanent traces that hundreds of above-ground nuclear weapons tests have left in our bodies, plants and waters since 1945.

Twice a week, the three performers execute a score choreographed by Pauer. The score enters into a subtle, intimate dialogue with the spatial setting, with voice messages in collaboration with Sabina Holzer and soundscapes by Zosia Hołubowska. Based on atomic impulses, the performers use their thinking bodies to delve into the depths of physical memory and the unspeakable.

Co-produced by Secession with Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF)
In collaboration with Tanzquartier Wien


Concept, artistic direction installation: Katrin Hornek Concept, artistic direction performance: Karin Pauer Choreography, performance: Martina De Dominicis, Cat Jimenez, Mani Obeya, Karin Pauer Sound: Zosia Hołubowska Text: Sabina Holzer, Katrin Hornek Voices: Alex Zehetbauer, Martina De Dominicis, Sabina Holzer, Karin Pauer, Arthur Trembanis Costume: Karin Pauer Exhibition curation: Jeanette Pacher Production management performance: mollusca productions Technical direction: Hans Weinberger Technical realisation Messengers: Klemens Waldhuber Programming Messengers: Franz Gasser Scenographic consulting, production: Hektor Peljak (Studio Peljak) Consulting: Julia Hohenwarter, Anne Faucheret, Michael Wagreich Artistic assistance installation: Ivana Lasić 

Exhibition sponsor AK Vienna With thanks to Kunstverein Archipelago / Der Betrieb

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