))dances of the anthropocene ((



an embodied encyclopedia of the now


Humanity is on a journey in which we are rediscovering just how connected we are with other members of our species and with the world around us.

Nothing could be clearer proof of this than the current pandemic.

In this group piece by choreographer Karin Pauer an embodied language of nowness is developed in order to process and highlight this realization.


Four performers, one musician and a visual artist take time, energy and labor to develop a practice of being with and noticing everything that is part of our current damaged planetary condition.


WE WERE NEVER ONE puts this condition into a text which turns into embodied thoughts turning into hybrid objects turning into haunted landscapes turning into sounds of extinction and encounters in motion.


Through this endeavor visitors are invited to participate in the realization that every 'I' is also a 'WE'.


'Living in a time of planetary catastrophe begins with a practice at once humble and difficult: noticing the world around us.'





Artistic Direction: Karin Pauer

Artistic Resistance: Arttu Palmio

Performance/ Choreography: Anna Biczok, Arttu Palmio, Hugo Le Brigand, Karin Pauer

Objects: Maureen Kägi

Sound: Paolo Monti / the starpillow

Light Design: Sveta Schwin

Costumes: Karin Pauer


A coproduction by Kunstverein ARGO, Brut Vienna and MDT Stockholm.


With the kind support of the City of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs and the Federal Ministry of Arts, Culture, Civil Service and Sport.

With the kind support of Life Long Burning - Towards a sustainable Eco-System for Contemporary Dance in Europe (2018 - 2022);

a project supported by the creative crossroads program of the European Union