(work in progress)

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PLANET BODY is a Soloproject by performer and choreographer Karin Pauer in which she embodies Planet Earth.

After taking on the entire history and future of the Universe in her recent works, she now focuses on our Planet.

By anthropomorphizing and embodying the Planet, our anthropocentric perspective is challenged and adopted as a tool and catalyst for generating empathy and care for our Planet.

In the context of capitalist driven exploitation and the destruction of planetary re- sources, the performing body in this work becomes a fearless, labouring, tireless and resisting body which offers a notion of a contemporary ritual as antidote. Establishing a relationship between the supposed Planet/ performer and spectators/ humanity, PLANET BODY is offering a perspective that suggest ethics of care, equity and reciprocity as a possible direction for a future ecosystem, which still includes us humans.









)) dances of the anthropocene ((


Karin Pauer/ Choreographer/ Dance