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)) social sculptures for new societies ((




Premiere at Brut/ Vienna, October 2020

We read a visual score anticipating to act it out; not to internalize like we do with language.
‘THE SCORE’ uses this tool as a method to address audiences and performers equally and to play on the tension between imagination and the reality of the situation.

‚THE SCORE‘ can be viewed as a collective rehearsal for a piece about various forms of togetherness.


Aldo Giannotti’s minimal black and white drawings serve as the backbone of this work, revealing the preconstruction of it, depicting it’s traces as well as offering instructions for the present moment.

Through this score the artists invite you into a process-based experience which unfolds into a relational field of transactions, negotiations and deeply embodied concepts.

Three performers mediate this situation offering strategies for empathizing with different positions of a social construct.

‚THE SCORE‘ questions what kinds of movements we want to undertake as a society, and how one can sculpt social bonds, organic solidarity and alternative encounters.

Concept & Choreography: Aldo Giannotti & Karin Pauer

Visual Concept: Aldo Giannotti

Development & Performance: Lau Lukarilla, Arttu Palmio, Karin Pauer

Sound: Andreas Berger

Editing: Viktor Schaider

Light: Sveta Schwin

With the kind support of Vienna’s Department of Cultural Affairs and the Austrian Federal Chancellor’s Office.

A co-production by Karin Pauer, Kunstverein Argo and Brut.

Full lenght - video:

PW: thescore

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