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)) social sculptures for new societies ((

this is where we draw the line

a collaboration with Aldo Giannotti

In this performance the gathering of the audience literally becomes a network in the art space, where new links with strings constantly generate and change various spatial constellations. The performers Karin Pauer and Arttu Palmio provide instructions, which are used to develop and discard divisions, connections, boundaries, and patterns. Based on black-and-white concept drawings by the visual artist Aldo Giannotti and his dramaturgical proposals, in combination with the ambient soundscapes of Paolo Monti, the audience is incited to conceive themselves as a choreographic community in which each constituent element is interconnected with the others and absolute autonomy cannot exist. A performative situation which takes notions of the collective body as its startingpoint.

Choreography: Karin Pauer, Aldo Giannotti
Visual concept: Aldo Giannotti
Sound: Paolo Monti
Performance: Arttu Palmio, Karin Pauer
Objects: Peter Fritzenwallner

Duration: 2 hours

A coproduction by Karin Pauer and Donaufestival


Password: theline

© David Visnjic

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